Award Recipients

Over the years, many College of Charleston students have successfully applied for numerous nationally competitive awards, scholarships, fellowships, and internships. Here are some recent winners of awards that the NCA office seeks to help students apply for and win. Check out our awards search for more complete information on possible awards.   

2018-19 Winners

  • Alexandra Helfgott, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Mexio 
  • Sophie Kreutz, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Mexico
  • Jolie Hiers, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Colombia
  • Haley Moore, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Colombia
  • Hillary McLaurin, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Dashiell Jay, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Mason Huebsch, Goldwater Scholarship
  • John Cobb, Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship
  • John Cobb, National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
  • Madison McCormick, Critical Language Scholarship (Chinese)
  • Crystle Seigel, Rotary Ambassadorial Global Grant

2017-18 Winners

  • James Peyla, Fulbright Full Grant to Australia (research)
  • Camilla Bailey, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Malaysia
  • Nikki Meighan, Fulbright English Teachign Assistantship to Colombia
  • Posy Olivetti, Critical Language Scholarship (Chinese)
  • Blaine Billings, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Katherine Duchinski, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Xandre Clementsmith, DoD SMART Scholarship
  • Jasmine Shabazz, Harvard Public Policy Leadership Conference Award
  • Zainab Dossaji, Harvard Public Policy Leadership Conference Award
  • Patrick Crotty, Boren Scholarship

2016-17 Winners

  • Madeline Welch, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to India
  • Alia Kapasi, Critical Language Scholarship (Arabic)
  • John Cobb, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Alyssa Johnson, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Alexandra Schwartz, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Madeline Leiben, Rotary Ambassadorial Global Grant
  • Jasmine Shabazz, Fulbright US/UK Summer Institutes Award
  • Catherine Hutchinson, Fulbright US/UK Summer Institutes Award
  • Sarah Wiegreffe, Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship
  • Jasmin Graham, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Alexandra Helfgott, Harvard Public Policy Leadership Conference Award
  • Courtney Beckham, DoD SMART Scholarship

2015-16 Winners

  • Patricia Cooney, Fulbright Full Grant to Germany (research)
  • Eden Katz, Fulbright Full Grant to Uganda (research)
  • Matthew Ross, Fulbright Full Grant, UK Partnership Award
  • Rachel Taylor, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Mexico
  • James Peyla, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Kacey Hirshfeld, Hollings Scholarship
  • James Peyla, Hollings Scholarship
  • Chelsea Roland, Rotary Ambassadorial Global Grant
  • Ellie Flock, Rotary Ambassadorial Global Grant 
  • Aliya Dumas, Gilman Scholarship
  • Avery Find, GilmanScholarship
  • Linda Nguyen, Gilman Scholarship
  • Joseph Quisol, Humanity in Action Fellowship
  • Malcolm Kates, National Institutes of Health Postbac IRTA Fellowship
  • James Porter, Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Program, Austria

2012-13 Winners

  • Liza Wood, Fulbright Full Grant, Maastricht/Fulbright Fellowship Winner
  • Christ Jackson, Fulbright US-UK Summer Institute Award
  • Sierra Nicole Butler, Rotary Global Grant
  • Liza Wood, Rotary Global Grant
  • Courtney Lawrence, Gilman Scholarshp
  • Brenna Norton-Baker, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Erica Tracey, Goldwater Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Burdette, Critical Langauge Scholarship
  • Madeline Edwards, Critical Language Scholarship
  • Vanessa Bezy, NSF Graduate Study Grant